How would you like to take control of your time? How would you like to see your income grow as you put more effort into your business? Statistics show that many Americans today would like to own their own business. Network marketing provides a way to build a steady and growing income without the burden that traditional businesses tend to carry.

What is Network Marketing?

It is no secret that many successful and reputable companies in the United States use the Network Marketing strategy to sell their products. Instead of investing huge budgets in advertising, these companies use their own network of representatives to sell the product and give a significant share of the company's sales revenue to that sales force.

  • Network Marketing is a proven system designed and financed by a company that allows you to sell their products as their representative.
  • The key to Network Marketing is sponsorship. As a representative, you build your own organization and get compensated for sales you and your organization make.
  • By training and helping people you sponsor, you build your business. As the process repeats, you increase the number of people in your business. It’s in your best interest to help your organization be successful, because you earn income from the sales made by your organization. The more successful your organization is, the more successful you are.
  • With the current trend of business downsizing, many Americans are uncertain about their financial future. Because of this, people are seeking sources of additional income and/or alternatives to the traditional job.
  • With USA Healthcare Savings, you’re backed by a solid company that provides you with full support, training, sales tools and the right products to be successful.

Reasons to start your USA Healthcare Savings business today:


  • Today, over 47 million Americans just like you are caught in the middle of America's healthcare crisis, and many are underinsured (47 million individuals without health insurance, according to "U.S. Census Bureau Statistics" published by U.S. Department of Commerce).
  • Premiums for healthcare insurance can be as high as $800 or more per month for family coverage. Rates like these can price many working Americans and companies out of the market for insurance.
  • Every day more people are turning to the medical discount industry looking for non-insurance solutions that allow them to access medical services at an affordable price.
  • While USA Healthcare Savings medical discounts are NOT INSURANCE, they are part of a program that can help members save on all types of healthcare needs including hospital and doctor visits, prescription drugs, dental and vision care, hearing aids, long-term and alternative care, chiropractic care and more.